A. Nigh Herndon is an illustrator, painter, and sound artist from Tulsa OK, USA.


I think of my works as a inventory of fragments: memories, desires, dreams, fears, and observations. I want to give the viewer a glimpse inside my creative process and portray an honest and elevated level of reality. I mix modes and techniques to achieve a cohesive piece that revolves around the great universal themes of love, beauty, and death. I believe my works deeply blur the lines between the past, the present, and the future; the dreaming mind and the waking life. My work oscillates between opposites: beauty and the macabre, love and fear, control and fury, sexual and spiritual.

My work does not attempt to produce a beautiful or hermetic object, but instead functions merely as a clerk would, cataloguing the results of a logical and automatic process.

As a consequence, giving life to a style that uses pared-down design elements and a reduction of my own visual vocabulary to dark and light areas as a binary decision. Using a language of uniform objects assembled in accordance with a strict modular principle; thoughts purged of any metaphor, equality in parts, building on repetition, and brought together on a neutral surface. The composition of my art is a systematic process that acts as an inventory of fragments.” – A. Nigh Herndon