Gimu (Birth name Gilmar Monte) is solo Brazillian soundscapist from Espírito Santo, Brazil, widely known for his peculiar style of dark ambient/ drone/ electronic noise style of sound. – his focus in music gradually shifted, as he experimented with new styles and genres, and expanded his wave of influences, becoming progressively more and more fascinated in what he discovered in the exotic, but fascinating scenario of the Brazilian underground electronic music scene.

His sound evokes a daunting and lush soundscape that soars through screaming wide chasms to meet the listener. Gimu’s work has been described by others as “fantastically bleak”–“an immersive experience into a heavily tone-flooded space of dark ambient”.

When you listen to Gimu, you certainly lose, but at the same time discover, a hidden part of you in his music, that even yourself wasn’t able to realize that it was there. And that is what a great dark ambient artist should be able to achieve.

Marking nearly his 40th release, Gimu adds yet another collection of masterfully heartfelt drone to his growing catalog. Each piece has been lovingly mastered at Black Knoll Studios by Rafael Anton Irisarri and is accompanied by artwork from artist/painter/printmaker Jeremy Luther.