Annie Ellicott – Lonesome Goldmine (Indiegogo Campaign)


We are very excited to launch this new crowdfunding campaign alongside Annie Ellicott for her new album “Lonesome Goldmine.” This album will be released on our label Unknown Tone Records sometime next year. There are many incentives to donate to the cause at the link below. We will also be working on new music videos as well as other surprises so stay tuned and give what you can if you enjoy this creative project.

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Annie Ellicott – Lonesome Goldmine (Indiegogo Campaign) 

Special thanks to others involved:
Greg OwensMelanie Brooke SweeneyShaman HotepJoe CappaJesse AycockJosh MassadJordan HehlLindsey Neal KuykendallAndrew Bones



Lonesome Goldmine is my first album of original music. Many of you know me for my repertoire of Jazz Standards that I have been performing over the last 10 years. This new body of music is a departure, emerging from the imaginations of many creative minds and has been a dream incubating for years. I started writing some of the songs on the album in my teens. It feels wonderful to now be in the recording and collaborative process which has been an odyssey all it’s own.

Lonesome Goldmine is ambient, hypnotic and multidimensional. I have visions for epic mixed media video art and performance art to accompany each track- but first things first! We have to finish this album. We are right in the middle of the recording process and are launching this Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to cover the cost of the recording, mixing, mastering, paying the musicians and the technical team. The money will also enable us to put the album in digital and physical formats so that we can share it with YOU! This all means paying a lot of people to do a lot of things.

To create Lonesome Goldmine’s unique sounds I have collaborated with many brilliant musicians and will be bringing more on board. So far, the line up includes, Mark Kuykendall, Lindsey Neal kuykendall, Amy Cottingham, Josh Massad, Andrew Bones, Jordan Hehl and Jesse Aycock.


My producer and engineer, Mark Kuykendall, is one of the most magical people I’ve ever met. I say to him “Can you make it sound like the ocean is swelling over head painfully loudly and you’re becoming tinier and tinier in it’s vastness until you’re suddenly wiped from existence?”…. and he makes it happen (listen to the end of “The Going Prayer” on my originals page at Mark makes a crumpling piece of paper sound like a close-up on a spider crawling though a winter forest in “Daddy Long Legs” (which we are currently recording). Mark brings my music the cinematic elements that I have, for years now, obsessively fantasized about.

If we raise extra money, the first thing we will do is make more music video’s. You’re getting a sneak peak of the video for “Goddess Androgyny” in the video for this Indigogo campaign! The set for the video is almost totally comprised of artwork by Josephine Lans and the video features Myself, Josephine and Lindsey Neal Kuykendall.

 Mark and Lindsey Kuykendall are co-founders and co-owners of Unknown Tone Records, which will be releasing “Lonesome Goldmine” at the end of this year if all goes as hoped! You can also watch the music video for “Lonesome Goldmine” (the title track of my album) on this page, on my Youtube Page and at The video for Lonesome Goldmine was written and directed by the incomparable enigma, Joe Cappa.

 We are trying to bring art into the world that fosters deeper introspection, deeper self-knowledge and deeper self-acceptance as a way of remembering our truest nature, of reconnecting with the wonder, mystery and underlying goodness of existence.

I cannot express enough the gratitude, wonder and amazement I feel that so many beautiful hearts and minds have taken interest in this project.

Wishing you all the love your heart can bear,



Ambrotype Photography by Justin Brockey (Silver and Glass Photography)