Out Now // The New Honey Shade // Industrial Microscopy

Industrial Microscopy is the second release by The New Honey Shade on Unknown Tone

This album is based on and dedicated to the work of E.D Anderson and his hand-bound book “Industrial Microscopy.” The book was found at his estate sale in Tulsa OK. The book contains over 200 photographs. E. D. had photographed everything from fibers & fabrics, textiles & weaves, rocks & plants, animal hair & animal flesh all under a microscope at 400X with an old 35mm camera. Each musical piece is a dedication to a particular image he shot.

Download the album and receive a free hidden track entitled, “Skyward Sea Stains.” Also receive 13 hi res scanned photographs shot by Mr Anderson on his 35mm through his microscope in 1959. Each song is titled accordingly after a specific image.


“Viscose” by The New Honey Shade from Unknown Tone Records on Vimeo.

“Another gem by The New Honey Shade that will send you into a world where micro-explorers follow the chemical trails of rusty nano-creatures that slide on magnetic tapes. Here you will oscillate from the ocular to the auditory, and from extrospection to introspection. By producing this collection of ambrosial sounds, Mark Kuykendall respectfully rescues a forgotten document and turns it into a widely available experience for you to listen. In doing so, he remind us of the sometimes foolishly disregarded work of independent researchers around the world who remain hidden as treasures ready to be found.”-Wanderlustmind