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Karst – The collaboration from Tim Diagram (Maps and Diagrams) and Mark Kuykendall (The New Honey Shade).

The album Cyprea is a collaboration which draws influences from both artists’ work which binds human and unevolved ideology with automated synthesis.

In this modern-day world both artists’ have found a similarity and harmonious approach towards a more primitive time, a time when man began to produce the earliest works of art, human burial was a newfangled idea and the cavernous dwellings were considered home.

Cyprea is a place where rivers and sounds disappear underground lost to endless limestone fissures, sinkholes, underground streams, and caverns, only to spring up again as fountains on the surface, the hollow wail of field recordings can be heard through arpeggiated cavernous spaces and over ice formations and glacial debris, which form the structure of the songs.

Karst have engendered a sound which is a regeneration of the construction and deconstruction of everything that has passed before us – without forgetting who came before us.

Artwork by Darren Dirksen (Tulsa, USA)


released 27 April 2012
Cyprea was written and recorded at Roadmap Studios (UK) and Unknown Tone (USA) 2011/12.
Mastered by Mark Kuykendall
Karst is Tim Diagram – www.handstitched.net (UK) & Mark Kuykendall –www.thenewhoneyshade.com (US)
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Karst – Halcyon Drift from The New Honey Shade on Vimeo.