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memoirs: to dust

“the sound of decay”

“The, “sound of decay” thing I’ve kind of had floating around as a tagline for the album of sorts. I don’t know that I like using the term “concept album”, but if my last full length focused on the celesta, this one definitely focused on decaying sound.” – Fletcher McDermott


gentle memories
gentle [memoir]
gentle melody
A stuck bird
january 14th
a flown bird
miniature places and luminous lines
kadaver dogs
releases 27 February 2015

music written and recorded february-may 2014
by fletcher mcdermott

with help from-
jesse asch, electric bass on track 7
matthew citarella, lap steel on track 6
tanya lam, viola on tracks 2-9
ysanne spevack, cello on tracks 2-5, 7 & 8

recorded and mixed at home by fletcher mcdermott

mastered by taylor deupree at 12k

holga photography by caleb reed



Film by Mark Kuykendall

100 ltd. CD to be release on Unknown Tone Records Feb 27th 2015




twincities – a stuck bird from Unknown Tone Records on Vimeo.