Out Now // Sima Kim // faded

Sima Kim – faded // limited edition 50 cassette release is now out and will be shipping orders soon!

50 Lavender Colored Cassette Tapes, with Artwork sleeve & mini photo included. Artwork was chosen by Sima Kim from a Holga photo taken by Mark Kuykendall in San Francisco from the window of the Mark Hopkins International Hotel on Nob Hill in 2011. Tapes will ship March 2013.

sima kim was born in s.korea at 1989, and grew up in europe. He started studying music at 18 years-old and did a degree in musicology after being influenced by western classical and contemporary music. After visiting Germany and India in 2011, he started composing music and has had his music released on several labels –
Twisted Tree Line (UK), Cathedral Transmissions (UK) and Twice Removed Records (AU). His work has also appeared on some compilations, such as future sequence, mu-nest and mizukage records. His main interest is on the sounds, notes and silences within a state of mindfulness.twitter : @sima_kim
facebook : www.facebook.com/simakim
soundcloud : soundcloud.com/sima-kim


releases 28 March 2013
All songs composed, recorded and mixed by Sima KimMastered by Mark Kuykendall at Unknown Tone Studio

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