Gold to Gold

Bilín Wake, Gilder

UTR – 154

Gilder / Bilín Wake – Gold to Gold


Gilder :: Solo project of Michael Gillilan, who has drummed in
Chicago bands J Fernandez, Thin Hymns and This Is Cinema. Mixing
melodic improvisations with patient repetition, Gilder creates a kind
of ambient minimalism that evokes a longing for the familiar, coupled
with the tension of inevitable change.

Bilín Wake :: Duo project of Mark Trecka and Evan Hydzik, both founding members of Pillars and Tongues.


This marks the first release for these 3 artist on Unknown Tone, and will be avaliable as a 30min split cassette release. We hope you enjoy the music and thank you for your love and support.


releases February 22, 2017

All Sounds Side A – Michael Gillilan
All Sounds Side B – Mark Trecka and Evan Hydzik
Mastering by Mark Kuykendall
Artwork by Mark Trecka and Mark Kuykendall