UTR – 157

Dråsa – Rast

Dråsa is the sound project of vocalist, Sarah Nawotka. Through analogue and digital manipulation of vocal improvisations, Dråsa conjures a spontaneous sentimentality that, at the same time, resists and disavows sentimentality’s concretizing and immortalizing tendencies. Her inspiration is drawn from a longing for a space of peace without directly escaping — transformation of the pain whose root lies on the other side of the tempestuous looking glass into an experience of catharsis and acceptance. She has performed in Oklahoma, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Canada and collaborated with dancers, visual artists, and filmmakers.


released April 28, 2017


All Sound + Production :: Sarah Nawotka
Mastering :: Mark Kuykendall
Artwork / Collage :: Paw Grabowski