Stay Out Long Enough And The Night Becomes Your Home

Lost Trail

UTR – 142

Lost Trail – Stay Out Long Enough And The Night Becomes Your Home

1. As Evening Dissolves Through The Windshield 03:02
2. Trapped Mirror & Spirit Talisman 02:38
3. Forward Underground 03:08
4. Safe And Sound, Safe And Sound 02:09
5. Disappearing Vs. Drowning 03:32
6. Sinking Flares In A Grey Fog 03:55
7. Glowing Towers Hidden In Decay 03:05
8. Out Of The City And Into Black Fields 04:17
9. What The Black Wolf Saw In The Firs 02:52

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Releases May 30, 2016 <<100 limited edition cassette tapes>>


releases May 30, 2016


Lost Trail is the ambient/drone/shoegaze project of husband and wife duo Zachary and Denny Corsa. Utilizing lo-fi, obsolete recording technology, they aim to capture a sense of atmosphere and landscape in both man-made and natural, wild environments.

Early releases/b-sides:

Album Art Photography by Darren Dirksen

Mastering by Mark Kuykendall (