Variations For Music Box

Sima Kim
Sima Kim returns to Unknown Tone Records with”Variations for Music Box”

Using only a tiny music box, guitar, and tape-loops, Sima weaves 11 variations together based off the same initial theme. He has created tiny passages that take shape and form a new life of their own. Like miniature sonatas, they warp and borrow from the previous idea to help build upon the next; while doing so through the variations of notes, as well as tones and textures. The album also features 3 remixes using the same stems. Two by Monolyth & Cobalt and another by The New Honey Shade.

The album will be released late January / early February in edition of 100 CDS.


released 31 January 2014
All music and loops by Sima KimaRemixes by

Monolyth & Cobalt
The New Honey Shade