Your Plateaux



Somme is Tim Diagram and Rob Lyon and they met whilst in limbo via acoustic networks when music for collaborations was transferred via a CD and the postal service delivered on time. Tim first knew of Rob’s music as Ylid and had the pleasure of releasing an EP by him on his Cactus Island record label back in 2005. From that moment on they had visions of hooking-up musically and decided to make a collaborative piece of work with Rob’s guitar processing and Tim’s warped-sense of production, they thought they could make something unique, they did, and it was released as a split-label release with Cactus Island and Static Caravan and also featured Bury&Disinter.Since then, both Tim and Rob have been busy with their solo work but they have recently returned to the Somme collaboration to record more pieces, long overdue and there’s a sense of this upon hearing the new work by them. It feels like the last eight years has been compressed into the new recordings, picking up where they left off but also channeling their focus into an evolving sound that is more musically-akin to where they are situated now.

“Your Plateaux” contains eight compositions, one for each year since their last release. A deluge of haze and hidden vocals appear from inside. The acoustic elements are still visible but feature alongside a more darker environment.


releases 11 May 2013
Music by Rob Lyon & Tim Diagram
Mastered by Mark Kuykendall