The New Honey Shade // Ozark Dream // Album Preview

Debut album Ozark Dream by The New Honey Shade (Mark Kuykendall)


Slow modulating tones open “Ozark Dream” by The New Honey Shade; it all begins here with the track also named Ozark Dream, a post future retro feel that reminds me of British information films… the mining of a similar past as explored by Ghost Box, Future boards of Canada or Broadcast. This is way off though, completely way off in terms of influence, if not sound and mood.

The album was made to a series of 16mm home recorded films made in Oklahoma between 1950 and 1970, and dedicated to Mark Kuykendall’s mother, so what we have here is a beautifully personal and incredibly special album. ‘Ozark Dream’ is of it’s place of origin but it’s not until “Young Poet” that there is anything I would immediately identify as sonically and geographically reminiscent of this place, at least to whatever pre-conceptions I hold.

Mark records and produces in his hometown of Tulsa Oklahoma, and his music is clearly of great importance, central to his life in many ways, using the Oklahoma landscape of today and also of his memory to create this music. The techniques involved using modern studio equipment, customized instrumentation and old films, creates a sound world all of it’s own and one that is definitely worthy of your attention.

The album continues in fine form – dreamy, hazy, sidereal pieces of sound; this is comforting, perfectly formed music. By the end of the album I was left wanting to hear more and believe they’ll leave you feeling that way too.

– Mathew Shaw for Fluid Radio