Unknown Tone Records Vol. 1

Unknown Tone Records first compilation Vol. 1 release for 2013 in Tulsa, Ok. All songs (excluding 2) are singles from collaborations and projects that will be released each new month 2013. The projects and people include:

The New Honey Shade (Mark Kuykendall MK*)
Elladora (Kolby Wade/MK)
Black Mesa (Dougal Hansen/MK)
Belfry Voices (Jesse Aycock/MK)
Horizons (Bo Halford/MK)
Dylan Golden Aycock
Circle Mt. (Jeff Hogue/MK)
The Doldrums (Dylan Aycock/MK)
Andrew Bones
Atlantis (Tim Diagram UK)
Yamabushi (Storm Sternad/MK)
Buoyhood (Zach Katonik)
Ruhe (Bryan Ruhe)
Triangle (Lindsey Neal Kuykendall)

We hope you enjoy this collection of songs and look forward to sharing each project with you in 2013.

***This is a digital release at the moment, until physical copies arrive mid January. Pre-orders for CD’s will start soon…


released 23 January 2013
Unknown Tone Records is owned and operated by Mark & Lindsey Kuykendall