Out Now // Le Moors // Tendrils

Out Now // Le Moors // Tendrils

Le Moors – Tendrils

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Edition of 100 / Factory Replicated CD / includes additional artwork by Jeff Hogue (www.jeffhogue.net)


UTR – 141

Le Moors – Tendrils


Wil Bolton

Wil Bolton is an artist working predominantly with sound. His work combines electronic tones with digitally processed acoustic sounds including field recordings and musical instruments. He has exhibited in a number of exhibitions, including A Thing About Machines, Coventry (2009), Trading As…, King’s Lynn (2009), Transfixed Motion / Transitory Still, Sheffield (2009), Sound:Space, Bracknell (2008), Black Powder + White Party, Seoul (2007), and Fresh Interventions, Oxborough (2007). He has also released music on various record labels under the name Cheju and has performed at several events, including Late at Tate (2009), the Glade Festival (2008), Sunrise Festival (2007), and the opening for Julian Opie in the 90s (2007). His work has received airplay on radio stations including Classic FM (UK), Resonance FM (UK), and Digital::Nimbus (USA). He collaborates with Shay Nassi as Shail and has also worked on projects with video artists, choreographers and dancers.




Jeff Stonehouse

Jeff Stonehouse is a british avant-electronic composer. He has been experimenting with sound on and off since the mid eighties, originally with tape loops and shortwave radio, and by the nineties he moved into psych/drone guitar music. This led to an ambient/trance/dub phase, releasing music on the Magick Eye label as Spiralhead. Jeff Stonehouse then took about 10 years to focus on a more personal way of using sound as a defence against itself.

In 2010, Jeff Stonehouse became one half of the ambient/drone project called Listening Mirror, along with Kate Tustain. The Listening Mirror project released albums and EPs on Somehow Recordings, Rural Colours, and Hibernate, before being terminated in February 2013.

Jeff Stonehouse then explored different sonic landscapes. Travelling with him was Alicia Merz, who also releases amazing intimate and heartbreaking music as ‘birds of passage’. Together they inhabited and explored the dreamscape that the called Snoqualmie Falls – a place of dark and spectral beauty that was reflected in the music they produced together, releasing an EP on Cooper Cult, and an album on Twice Removed. The Snoqualmie Falls project is currently undergoing a hitatus, to allow Jeff and Alicia to focus on other projects.

Jeff Stonehouse has also worked with the talented Sanja Vernacki, under the name Bewilderness. Recent works also include the self released album Mariners Willow and the soon to be released Become Becoming, a piece written to accompany a gallery show by the American artist Jeanie Tomanek.

In 2015, Jeff Stonehouse signed a deal with The Sublunar Society and released the album On Returning.



releases April 27, 2016

Music by Wil Bolton + Jeff Stonehouse

Artwork by Jeff Hogue

Layout / Design Mark Kuykendall

Mastered by Wil Bolton

shipping out on or around 27 April 2016
edition of 100