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Annie Ellicott – Lonesome Goldmine

UTR – 146


A note from the artist:

I didn’t know what I was doing going into this.
I knew there was beautiful music growing inside me that only
I could hear, and an urge to put it outside where everyone could hear was growing inside, too.

The origin of the music and of this growing impulse to share it was a mystery to me, but I trusted it.

I moved forward in faith that I would be given the knowledge
& resources to continue as I went along, & that is exactly what happened.

Mark Kuykendall became the other half of this album. He has been a great teacher, showing me the magic in honoring that mystery, listening closely as long as necessary, & protecting its purity by maintaining purity of intention.

Looking back now,
the music seems on one level to be a force of nature all it’s own, a living entity that we simply midwifed into the world. It’s also a collective work of art created from the minds, hearts, hands & generosity of many people.

My intention is to give you a window into your own vast inner world of cryptograms waiting to be decoded, innocence waiting to be recovered, & the endless stillness we are never apart from. – Annie Ellicott


Thank you…

Mark & Lindsey, you made your home feel like my home,
played with me, sound experimented with me, were patient with me & believed in me. Cait O’Darling, you housed & fed me during
the most difficult time of my life. Thank you for understanding who I am & being the most wonderful friend. Thank you Bob Doenges for
leading me to water. Greg, thank you for loving me, & for the invaluable gifts & experiences you’ve given me. Thank you Melanie Sweeney & Maya Christobel for continuously & gently nudging me towards seeing my true value as an artist. Jeff Hogue & Mark Step Ward,thank you for always being there when I need help or perspective with matters of art, spirit & heart. Amy, you encouraged me to show my original music to people, selflessly assisted with transcribing & arranging and gave me a beautiful musical leg to stand on when we started performing my originals. Thank you for all of this and so much more. Paige Britt, thank you for making the most courageous journey, & for being a lighthouse in the dark. Peregrine, Justin, Angie, Jeremy, Mark & Lindsey thank you for making the album art as beautiful as the music. Thank You you Mark K., Amy, Jordan, Andrew, Jesse, Josh, Mark S., & Orla for making this music so much more than I ever dreamed possible. Thank you to everyone who contributed money & time to Lonesome Goldmine. It wouldn’t have happened without you. Deepest gratitude to my precious family, for loving me unconditionally & for bringing me so much joy; & to my family of close friends.

~This album is dedicated to my mother Mary, who gave me life, showed me how to love and be loved, and set me free~


releases September 18, 2016

All Songs Wrtten & Composed by
Annie Ellicott

Produced & Engineered by
Mark Kuykendall

Co-produced by
Annie Ellicott

Executive Producers:
Greg Owens
James Johnson
Annie Ellicott

Artwork by
Angie Pember Brockey – Wet Plate Photography (Album Cover)
Peregrine Honig – Handwritten words, Drawing
Justin Brockey – Wet Plate Photography
Jeremy Charles – Polaroids, Digital Photography
Rachel Ann Dennis – Letterpressing (50ltd LP)

Design & Layout by
Mark Kuykendall

Recorded at Unknown Tone Studios Tulsa, OK (2014 – 2016)

Saxophone for Shadows Live recorded by Travis Fite at Soultreestudio.

Piano for Goddess Androgyny & Babya recorded by Travis Fite at the home of Margaret and Steven Kobos.

Piano parts for Father Bones, Shadows Live, and Lullaby recorded by Mark Kuykendall at the home of Margaret and Steven Kobos.

Additional work on Daddylong Legs by Orla Wren (orlawrenmusic.bandcamp.com)

PRE OREDER HERE: https://unknowntonerecords.bandcamp.com/album/lonesome-goldmine